About the Book

4831_03God paves “A Path Through” the roughest of roads…

Author shares her personal stories of triumph over tragedy in her third book.

People oftentimes think that when life keeps throwing them some curved balls, there’s no end to it. They tend to feel that there’s no hope and no light awaiting them in the end.

But people can triumph over tragedy and whatever loss and pain they may encounter because God sees to it that there’s “A Path Through” for them.

And that’s what author Janna Olsen Spratt hopes readers will realize and understand in her book, “A Path Through”. With her personal testimonies of faith, hope, and love, readers will witness how she got through all the heartaches of life.

In this tribute to the faithfulness of God, the author shows the thread God weaves through everything, from the car accident that they walked away from which totaled the car, to the last chapter of finding purpose in the pain of being alone.

This is a story of overcoming childhood poverty, early marriage, divorce and finding love a second time around. It’s a story of a parent’s tenacity in prayer for a wayward child and of holding on to faith when a 17-year-old grandson dies suddenly at school.

God promised that through the rivers of uncertainty, the valley of weeping, and the fiery trials, He would be there. He promised that all things would work out for good. And it is true.